Social Activities

Social Activities By Dnyandeep Co-operative Credit Society Ltd.

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Today, Dnyandeep stands amongst the leading Co-operative Credit Societies. Apart from maintaining its financial role, the institution also takes efforts in ensuring moral commitments and ethics in the interest of the society. Some of the major social activities of the institution are as follows:

1. Dnyandeep English Medium Residential School -
At Dnyandeep, the value of education is given utmost importance and esteem. Today around 900 deserving children are gaining education through an elevated level of education system in the form of a residential school for children in and around Wai.

For More Details Visit School Website :

2. Adoption of poor and needy students –
Since 2013, brilliant and deserving students from the poor and needy families have been adopted by the institution to help them gain their fundamental right to education.

3. Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyan –
In a bid to make Maharashtra a drought free state by 2019, the government has undertaken an initiative for integrated water conservation and management. Dnyandeep supports this initiative through a considerable contribution of funds.

4. Member Welfare Fund –
The institution contributes a considerable amount from its net profit earned to the Member Welfare Fund. This fund helps out the members in case of any financial crisis or emergencies.

5. Blood Donation Camp -
Every year in September, the institution organises a blood donation camp in association with Vaishnav Charitable Trust.

6. Medical Help at Ashadhi Waari –
Medical facilities are made available for all Waarkaris at Maharashtra's famous 'Ashadhi Waari', with the help of Vaishnav Charitable Trust. The Board of Directors of Dnyandeep personally visit the Waari and experience the joy of walking with the Waarkaris.

7. Pilgrimage Tour for Members –
Every year in the month of January, the institution arranges a pilgrimage tour for its members to the holy city of Kashi.

8. Haldi Kumkum Functions –
Dnyandeep arranges the Haldi Kunku function for women members. Through such social gatherings women power come forward and participate in various activities in the society. 15,000 women across social status participated in this activity.

9. Contribution towards Sant Tukaram Gatha Mandir –
Since last 10 years, members have been some amount from their dividend contributed significantly towards carving of Sant Tukaram's Gatha on marble. That enabled to form Dnyandeep Bhakta Nivas for the pilgrims.

10. Dnyandeep Vadhu Var Suchak Kendra –
Dnyandeep Vadhu Var Suchak Kendra, a well-known marriage bureau in Mumbai has arranged more than 10,000 marriages since last 3 years. Other than Mumbai, there are branches in Pune and Satara. Marriage bureau has following website (Mobile Nos. 9766511444 / 976588444)

11. Khadavli Vrudhashram –
The institution has helped Matoshree Vruddhashram at Khadavli where Founder Mr.Vishwanath Govindrao Pawar is a trustee.

12. Jeevan Sandhya Mangalyam –
Dnyandeep has instigated around 20 associations in various parts of rural Maharashtra to assist senior citizens with various activities.

Social activities to be initiated in the near future:
1. Environmental care
2. Formation of Senior Citizen Association