Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing By Dnyandeep Co-operative Credit Society Ltd.

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Video Conference with Customers – At Dnyandeep, it is a moral duty to respect and value customer’s time and money. Keeping this in mind, the organisation has originated the Video Conference facility in order to provide convenience and real time information regarding the customer’s Pre-Sanction Loan. Irrespective of his location, a customer can chat directly with a representative located at the Head Office at Mumbai or any other branch office. This also assists the customers to get their queries attended to in minimum time

Video Conference for Staff – Dnyandeep caters to its wide spread network through this facility. Fast and effective communication amongst the employees and senior management has been made easy by cutting down the time lag. This facilitates on-the-spot discussions and speedy solutions in case of any issues, thus helping the organisation to run smoothly and increasing its productivity.